Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Martindale's The Reference Desk

Martindale's The Reference Desk has has to be one of the most extensive informational web pages I have ever seen. It says it has "over 23,075 calculators and spreadsheets, over 3,535 courses, lectures, manuals and handbooks and 1,000's of movies, videos, simulations and animations."

Well, that sounds like a lot of stuff. And it is. Almost overwhelmingly so. It is a great resource if you want to find out how fast a dinosaur can run, learn to play the didjeridu, review the dental anatomy of a llama or check on a traffic cam on the Sydney Harbour Bridge (among a million other things).

I found all of the above links through the Martindale site. Have some fun exploring it. You might find something that is really interesting. You might find something that you can file away in your brain to use another time. You never know when you might need recipes for cooking up an emu or to calculate your dog's age.

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