Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hebrew for Christians

Not too long ago, a woman came into the church library I run and said she was interested in trying to learn some Hebrew on her own. She had been reading a book of fiction that had some Hebrew in it and was intrigued. We didn't have anything at the church library, so I checked at the Rivendell College Library. We had some textbooks, but none would allow her to work on her own. So I went to the internet.

I found a site called Hebrew for Christians. This site is run by a Messianic Jew who hopes to help Christians understand and embrace the Jewishness of their heritage. This site helps to teach the Hebrew alphabet, has audio to help with pronunciation, and lots of pages that introduce Christians to Jewish culture. This isn't a seminary level, but it might remind you of the importance of the Jewish culture in the Christian faith.

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