Saturday, November 28, 2009

Web Books Publishing

I ran across an interesting site today, Web Books Publishing. According to the website, they specialize in EPUB and WEB books. EPUB books is a format of book can be read on desktops, laptops, the Sony Reader, Stanza (for iPhones) and FBReaders (Google's Android). In other words, the books you want to read from this site can be read on any of the above platforms.

From their site, "Our 'WEB books' are enhanced online books which let you highlight text and add notes. It is a great way for readers to share comments and for authors to get reader's feedback."

If you are dying to be a published author, the site will allow you to convert your book in Microsoft Word into an EPUB book. If you want to try to sell your book, they will publish it for you. Apparently it is free to publish, they take 25% of any sales.

The thing that I find particularly interesting on this site though is the number of classics that it has available. Even if you don't care about ever publishing, it does have over 1200 classic books you can read for free.

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